4 Reasons to Inspect your Sewer Lines

If you are like most people, you never think about sewer lines or the importance of a sewer inspection. Then one day your water stops draining properly or even worse, a sewage backup occurs. Unfortunately, once you start to experience these issues, there’s a good chance that expensive and time-consuming repairs are in the immediate future.

To ensure that you do not find yourself in this situation, it is important to routinely have your sewer lines inspected. You will also want to schedule an inspection anytime you are considering purchasing a new property. Here are four reasons you need to have your sewer line inspected as soon as possible. 

1. Avoid expensive repairs.

As touched on above, repairing or replacing your sewer line tends to get very costly. And, if you think you’ll simply turn the cost over to your home insurance company, think again. These costs are usually not covered because the damage is the result of normal wear and tear. At the same time, you’ll have to pay for any associated costs, such as the price of cleanup if your clogged or damaged lines result in a flood or sewer spillage. On the other hand, sewer inspections tend to be much more affordable and can detect problems before they cause irreparable damage.

2. Natural wear and tear is a real problem.

Older homes have a higher risk of springing leaks or getting clogged from time-to-time. This often happens because of natural wear and tear. It’s not unusual for older lines that have spent years being exposed to harsh conditions. Over time they will crack or break, especially if the lines are made of clay or tar. A sewer inspection can identify the signs of wear and tear, giving you the chance to schedule repairs before they become significant problems.

3. Tree roots are drawn to sewer lines.

To thrive, tree roots require a good source of water and nutrients. These are things a sewer line definitely provides, making them very attractive to nearby roots. Roots are able to slip in through the tiniest opening, such as at the joints, a crack or gap. In some cases, roots may even puncture your sewer line to gain entry.  Once inside, they will begin to expand and multiply. Eventually, the roots will block the  flow of water and cause structural decay. When left unattended, tree roots can cause a complete collapse. However, the presence of roots is easily identified when a sewer inspection is performed. You can then have them removed before substantial damage occurs.

4. Sewer inspections are quick, affordable, and nondestructive

The days of having your yard torn up to perform a thorough sewer line inspection are gone. In its place are sewer scopes, like those used by Crawford Inspections. Using the latest scope technology detailed inspections can be performed without resorting to unnecessary digging that leaves your yard a mess and sticking out like a sore thumb. Instead, a small hole is dug, and a video camera is inserted into it, allowing technicians to visually inspect the entire line. By the time they are done, you’ll know whether or not your line is showing signs of wear or tear or has become the home of troublesome tree roots. It’s that easy.

Do not delay. It’s time to schedule your next sewer line inspection with Crawford Inspections.