About Us

Matt Fellman
Matt Fellman, Owner

Matt has performed over 5,000 inspections since first becoming licensed in 2000.  He is the current owner of Crawford Inspection Services, Oregon’s oldest Home Inspection Company.  Matt is a 2-term past president of the Oregon Real Estate Inspector’s Association, the largest such organization in the state.  After nearly 20 years of inspecting houses there isn’t much he hasn’t seen but Matt still gets excited to learn something new every day and help out a new set of homebuyers.  Not only is Matt passionate about home inspections but he also works closely with our inspectors through ongoing training and setting them up for success.  Matt consistently attends national inspection conferences every year to keep up with the latest home inspection progression and ongoing education opportunities.

Paul Lam, Operations Manager

Paul is the glue that holds everything at Crawford Inspection Services together.  Most times you call or email to schedule an appointment, Paul will be the one you are communicating with.  From running the day to day operations of the company to managing employees to assisting with work in the field, Paul is a man of many talents.   He is eager to help in anyway possible to get buyers and agents through the inspection process smoothly.

brad isaac
Brad Isaac, Inspection Consultant

Brad Isaac was born locally in Salem, Oregon. He has been performing Home Inspections in Oregon for over 9 years. Brad has a large base of returning clients as they appreciate his deep knowledge and calm demeanor when helping them through the process of purchasing a house. Brad is a man with many talents. He has vast experience and a diverse knowledge of construction, remodeling, carpentry, plumbing, HVAC systems, and landscaping. Brad is very detail oriented and you can expect him to perform a very thorough inspection of your new home.

Drake Wimberly, Inspection Consultant

Drake Wimberly started his career as a home inspector in 2018 but don’t let his age fool you. He grew up in the lumber business with his family working at a large mill in Roseburg, Oregon. Prior to performing inspections, Drake worked with one of the popular local foundation companies installing earthquake retrofit systems, performing foundation repairs and installing drainage systems in crawl spaces. Drake has literally spent thousands of hours repairing foundations, basements and crawl spaces and you are in great hands with him as your inspector.

Justin Ventura, Inspection Consultant

Born and raised in upstate New York, Justin found home here in the Pacific Northwest. He brings a diverse skillset to the home inspection business, with experience in all phases of residential remodeling, carpentry, brewery build-outs, commercial building inspections, and work with FEMA conducting home inspections throughout the Florida Keys following Hurricane Irma. In addition, Justin has been performing residential home inspections in Oregon since 2016.  Buyers appreciate Justin’s great communication skills, friendly demeanor and attention to detail throughout the inspection process.

Agustin (Gus) Medina Rico, Inspection Consultant

Agustin (Gus) Medina Rico became a home inspector in 2020 and has become an integral part of our company. Gus has a diverse knowledge of construction, remodeling, carpentry and landscaping. Before he became part of our family, Gus developed experience in plumbing, HVAC systems, earthquake retrofit systems, performing foundation repairs, and installing drainage systems in crawl spaces. Growing up in Mexico, Gus has a deep love for his family and it shows in how he treats our clients. This is a man with many talents and has a wealth of knowledge in all things that may be in your future home. He is also fluent in Spanish.